Cleaned jackets on railAll of our dry cleaning is carried out by state of the art computer controlled machinery with programs tailor made for each category of work.

Garments undergo a seven stage cleaning process which includes:

1. Detailing – Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning.

2. Stain removal – Marks are pre spotted with stain removal prior to the dry cleaning process.

3. Cleaning – Dry cleaning, laundering and hand cleaning services are completed using the state of the art technology and expertise of staff.

4. Hand Finishing – Pressers of the highest standard individually finish your garments to your specific requirements.

5. Minor repairs – We attend to loose hems, open seams.

6. Inspection – Every garment is fully inspected to ensure all stains have been removed and it is at its very best before collection.

7. Packaging – Garments are protected with a plastic sleeve. Trousers are put onto a special coat hanger so creases do not appear.