Wedding DressThe bridal gown, for many, will be the most expensive gown they will ever buy. So much thought and emotion has been invested into its purchase and naturally you would wish to keep that gown as pristine as when it was first bought and worn. So it is only to be expected that you should put a great deal of thought into the cleaning and preservation of the gown and we at Geeves undertake to make this process as easy and trouble free as possible for you.

We will inspect it and treat every stain prior to cleaning. Once cleaned, the gown will undergo a further rigorous inspection and any remaining stains will be further treated. Only when we are happy with the result will we steam the gown and then invite you to inspect it before it is laid in acid-free tissue paper and boxed.

The box along with the acid-free paper provides a suitably neutral pH environment to preserve the gown for posterity. Thereafter it should be stored in a dry area and not in the loft as the temperature change will affect the gown.